The programs offer multiple opportunities and allows us to work with experienced people and do field research, applying theory to practice in a specific field. When someone doesn’t have the experience in the field they come to Selva Verde to get the experience to then get the job they want.
— Mariana, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico.

Being able to interact with different animals is fascinating! We can combine our theoretical knowledge of taxonomy with biodiversity conservation principles, which we don’t get to do at university, and this is important because we can get a complete analysis and understanding of our related field.
— Maria Fernanda, Universidad Nacional. Costa Rica.

The work that I was able to carry out while taking the Mammals Study internship in Costa Rica, definitely fulfilled my expectations. I was able to use and try out a wide range of sampling and surveying techniques. I have gained valuable experience that I will be able to take with me into my future studies. It was amazing to be able to experience such a great forest with such rich ecosystems and biodiversity. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. This aided greatly with my work and also made my time here more enjoyable!
— Jeniffer, Oxford, England.