Terms & Conditions

/Terms & Conditions

The submission of your application presupposes your agreement with these terms and conditions. Make sure you read these carefully before applying. You can apply via our website or via email.

Flights, Travel Insurance and Visas

The traveller (you) should arrange their own flights, travel insurance and visas from the country of origin to the destination of your programme. You can obtain information on the requirements for your destination following the links on our travel information page for your selected country.

Prices and booking

– The  prices quoted here include the accommodation services specified, which are different for each project location.

– There is also a non-refundable booking fee of £250 payable when you book. You can refer to this page for information on how your money is used.

–  In the case that the trips to and from the airport are not guaranteed by the host, we are happy to include it in your package and coordinate it for you. Otherwise you are welcome to make your own arrangements. This is the case for those that decide to explore the country before or after your project placement.

– On receipt of your application we will seek to arrange a conversation to discuss the programme in more detail.

– To secure a place you are required to pre-book paying the admin fee, from which point we make a pre-reservation of your place. We recommend you to do so a soon as possible to ensure the lowest prices for flight tickets. Your are advised to do so no later than six weeks (preferably two months) before your intended travel date.

– On confirmation of your flights you are required to pay for the rest of your programme, at which point we confirm your booking for the specified dates and send you your project information.

– Booking confirmation should take place at least six weeks before departure.

– Discounts: If you pay your programme fee more than six months in advance you will be entitled to 20% discount; payments done between 6-3 months before your arrival date are entitled to a 10% discount.

– If you prefer to pay in different instalments we can discuss that possibility, providing the last payment is scheduled no later than six weeks before departure.

– Cancelations: In the event that you cancel your reservation, you will receive a full refund of any money you have paid towards your programme, providing you cancel four weeks (28 days) before your arrival date. (For the summer period of 2020, due to the Corona virus outbreak we will exercise flexibility in this respect at our discretion).

– Should you request a cancellation 27 days or less prior to your date of arrival, the money you have paid will not be refundable.

Health and Safety

– In our country- specific travel advice pages we have links to UK government’s specialised pages on the health and safety requirements when traveling abroad.

– However, you MUST contact your health professional (doctor or nurse) for tailored advice. We cannot be held responsible for injuries and illnesses contracted during your project placement. You must accept full responsibility for minimising your health and safety risks according to your health professionals’ advice.

 Other Liabilities

-While you are working in one of Green Planet Ventures’ projects we operate a 24/7 line to help you deal with any difficulties encountered and you have your project officer as a first point of call in the country to maximise your safety.

– But please note, your booking is confirmed on the acceptance that you join our projects at your own risk.

– We cannot be responsible for the actions of those involved in the projects and services over whom we do not have any control. These being, our project partners and or any of those providing the services we coordinate, who operate under legislation and customs different to ours.

– Similarly, we cannot be made responsible for losses, expenses and other inconveniences caused by war, riots, terrorism, natural disasters, accidents and or negligence of other third parties.