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Environmental Internship

Adventures in Iguazu

Adventures in Iguazu My name is Raphaella Ridley and I am a student at Somerville College Oxford. This summer, I took part in an environmental internship organised by Green Planet Ventures that was based in Iguazu National Park, Brazil, where me, and six other interns stayed for a month. I had such an amazing time in the National Park and I would never have expected to be lucky enough to partake in some of the activities organised. On my first day, the other

Volunteer Abroad

When volunteering abroad does more damage than good!!! I want to start by saying that I am not against volunteering, quite the opposite.  However, as someone who has worked managing volunteers, in several settings, I do see both sides of the picture. There has been a lot discussion about voluntourism and how it can do more damage than good.  I agree this can be the case.  There are plenty of examples where the western and church cultures of volunteering and helping others

Citizens of the Amazon, Brazil

The Seringueiros: Citizens of the Amazon When we talk about the amazon and its people, we all immediately think about the indigenous communities that live in the area whose livelihood, resources and culture are under constant threat by modern society and western-styled intensive development. But very few think about other native communities of the area. The rural dwellers that inhabit the Northern Brazilian Amazon have lived there for several generations. Some of these families from the grandparent to the baby have

Green Planet Ventures Partners with Oxford University Summer Internships.

Oxford University Students become Green Planet Ventures’ interns at in Iguazu National Park Through our internships we help university students put theory to practice. The students are inserted to work at a research/conservation institution; a real work environment relevant to their subject of study. They benefit the  the institution in questions as they help to bring a fresh outlook on the issues. But also the students get opportunities to: Apply their theoretical knowledge, Get an insight into a real-work environment; They assist specialists that