Student Ambassador- Job posting

/Student Ambassador- Job posting

Student Ambassador-Job Posting

We are recruiting for student ambassadors in several universities to make a big noise about Tropical Forest Conservation.

If you are currently a university student and you feel that there is potential at your university for students wanting to be part of our forest conservation movement and you want to have an active part in leading that, do let us know, we will support you every step of the way. There is scope for you to use your own initiative, while we help you develop your communications and entrepreneurial skills.

Our ambassadors are exceptional students that share our passion for Tropical Forests conservation, and empathy for the deprived forests communities that depend. As well as supporting the development of these communities, we are on a mission to help students that that want to take part in these projects to fund-raise for the experience.

As an inclusive organisation we want to help all those that have an interest in volunteering for our forest conservation projects regardless their income and background. For that reason we aim to encourage and support all those that want to fund-raise to participate in our projects.

This role will make best use of your communications and entrepreneurial skills in helping organise activities that will:

  • Educate other students on the importance of tropical forests to protect life on planet earth and help tackle climate change.
  • Help organise activities within your university to encourage and support fundraising initiatives of those wanting to get involved in our projects.
  • Help identify possible sponsors and develop strategies to reach them.

In exchange you will be guided and supported. We also operate a results-oriented incentive scheme that we can discuss further during the interview.

To apply please  email is as info@greenplanetventures.com with a CV and a cover letter explaining how can your skills and attitudes benefit this role and why are you interested to work with us.

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