Our Projects

We have 3 Tropical Locations, in which each has their own series of programmes you can carry out. Click each below to find out more, alternatively, you can click on on the locations above on the menu header. 

Costa rica

With it's rich biodiversity, Costa Rica is an ideal location to conduct your tropical forest research. Costa Rica is located on what is known by geologists as “The Land Bridge” that joins the South American and North American continental land masses.  Our program leaders are experts in ecological conservation, meaning you will gain valuable knowledge and skills in tropical forest conservation and sustainability.


Colombia is the northernmost country of the South American continent and has coasts with both oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic. It is considered the second most biodiverse country in the world (only surpassed by Brazil), hosting 10% of the world's biodiversity. Our current programme in Colombia presents candidates with the unique opportunity to put into practice their skills in cell biology and genetics applied to the conservation of species at the brink of extinction.


Brazil is the 5th biggest country on the planet and the most biodiverse country on Earth. We are currently working in three of its national parks and can't wait to take you there to experience this amazing place and make a contribution to protect its great biodiversity.