Environemental Monitoring and Comminication in Iguazu National Park- Brazil 


 Environmental Monitoring in Iguazu: Help assess the status of Jaguar populations, water quality and impact of trafic within the park on the local fauna. 

Communication and Public Use in Iguazu: In this project you will have the opportunity to use your creativity to think of forms of educating the public on the environmental value of the National Park.

4 weeks     6 weeks      7 weeks     8 weeks                                                                                       

£ 1120           £ 1665           £1935          £ 2225

The price includes: Accommodation, with a choice of breakfast and dinner, daily transport to work, project placement and necessary training, 24/7 helpline for guidance support and emergencies. 

Biodiversity Monitoring in Serra da Boquena National Park- Brazil 


Biodiversity Monitoring In Serra da Bodoquena National ParkAssist in conducting structured surveys in a very rich remnant of Atlantic forest afterwards help update databases with the data collected in the field. 

  • Monitoring Butterflies (March-April)     
  • Monitoring Vertebrates (July-August)                                       Prices from 

2 weeks   3 weeks    4 weeks   5 weeks   6 weeks   

£450          £670         £ 885         £1110           £1329

During the field work in this project you may be required to stay in the field in tents or in basic accommodation. During your stay in town and office work  you have a choice of accommodation (subject to availability) self catering or B&B. The food during the field expeditions is provided by the park Authority, which also provides the transport during the field work. 

 Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park 




Brazilian Amazon

RESEX_Cazumba-Iracema_Castanha-do-Brasil_Autor-Aurelice Vasconcelos.jpg





Tropical Forest Conservation in Costa Rica

rainforest from above.png

Habitat Restoration in Chapada dos Veadeiros: Join this award winning restoration project in its endevours to restore the Cerrado Ecosystem (Brazilian Savana). You will take part in seeds selection, planting and maintenance of previous years regeneration parcels. 

Prices from 

2 weeks         4 weeks     

 £   690           £ 1380              

Includes a choice of accommodations: self catering, B&B, half board and full board subject to availability. 

Our Programme in The Brazilian Amazon has a choice of three projects 

1) Biodiversity Monitoring in the AmazonParticipate in structure surveys of plants an animals, in the most bio-diverse corner of the planet and help update the database with the data collected.  

2) Sustainable Development in the AmazonThe amazon rain-forest  provides livelihood for many indigenous communities that live in harmony with the grand ecosystem. Help these communities assess the potential sustainable production of some of its local produce such as Brazil Nut.

3) Audiovisual content production: Use you creativity to educate the world on the importance of the amazonian rain-forest to provide livelihood for its people. 

4 weeks     6 weeks        8 weeks                                                                       

 £ 1265         £1682          £ 2395

The price includes: Accommodation, food an transportation from the nearest Airport and during work

Biodiverity Monitoring in Tropical Forests Selva Verde Costa Rica

Our partner reserve in Costa Rica offers  the opportunity of a full training in the monitoring of tropical forests organisms from noting plants development and fenology, through to identifying and studying bats, snakes, frogs monkyes and other animals. 

2 weeks       4 weeks     6 weeks     8 weeks     12 weeks                                                                                                       

£ 1040         £1878           £ 2,807      £ 3,640        £5,236

Price includes: Airport transfer on Arrival, hotel accommodation full board  and working arrangement and field research tuition.