Dissertation Research

//Dissertation Research

Individual Research

Our research programme helps you with the coordination of your individual research, whether this is for the purpose of a dissertation or a professional research for career progress and development.

We facilitate both ecological and also social research. We coordinate your required field work and or your interviews for social research purpose if needed. All of our project partners are happy to host a researcher with their own research interest. Just get in touch and let’s discuss your needs to make it happen. See the Costa Rica page for more information on that area

We take care of all the logistics and help you find contacts with local universities, government institutions, local libraries or any other organisation that can enrich your research. You can also participate in relevant local events that can take place during your stay in your chosen location.

Here isĀ  a blog that our recent researcher in Cazumba-Iracema in the Brazilian Amazon, wrote to help illustrate her work during her Master’s dissertation research.