Ecotourism development in the Peruvian Amazon

////Ecotourism development in the Peruvian Amazon

Ecotourism Development in the Peruvian Amazon

Areas recognised for their natural beauty and or the presence of interesting species of plants and animals are ideal for the development of tourism. Ecotourism is a good sustainable development alternative specially in areas that are popular for visitors to come and enjoy the natural environment without destroying it. This is also the chosen development alternative in and around protected areas, where there are statuary restrictions to certain development projects such as extractive activities (mining, oil and gas) and infrastructure building such as big hotels and factories. This is also an important from of livelihood for local communities in areas popular for tourism activities.


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Our partner EcoDecision  in Peru is the owner of an area of 1700ha of land in  the region of the Amazon in the Madre de Dios department that they have destined to the development of Ecotourism.

The aim of this project is to help our partner conduct geographical surveys on the natural resources of the area to better understand the potential of their concessions for ecotourism development. During this project you can expect to undertake the

The activities include but are not restricted to:

Explore the concession looking for sites of interest

  • Record GIS coordinates of sites reported.
  • Maintain trail systems.
  • Create new maps of identified objects and or edit existing maps of the concessions.

You will be provided with all training needed for the application of recording methods and the use of technology such as GPS usage. Basic knowledge of GIS is needed. So your participation in this project will help you put in practice your current knowledge of GIS and develop this further  in the developing of map layers that will help the land owner implement sustainable to help protect natural resources in the Amazon.

Volunteers stay at Venado Eco House which is located about one hour from Puerto Maldonado. All accommodation is shared dorm style rooms unless a request is made for a private room (extra cost) both room types share a bathroom.

Food will be provided by Eco Decisions and volunteers may help prepare meals.

3 weeks   4 weeks     6 weeks        8 weeks

£968           £ 1,246          £1,865            £ 2,302

The price includes: Accommodation and food + airport transfer to hotel on arrival (other transport is not included).


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