Natural Forest Restoration and Reforestation in Tambopata

////Natural Forest Restoration and Reforestation in Tambopata

Natural Forest Restoration and Reforestation in Tambopata

Tambopata National Reserve is located on the Peruvian Amazon in the Madre de Dios region in the Tambopata Province. This is part of the Peruvian amazon region. The reserve protects 1.5 million hectares of humid tropical forests. The average annual temperature is just over 25 Celsius ranging from 10-38 Celsius, with generally high humidity

Indiscriminate logging is one of the reasons for forest degradation. In tropical forests there are serval precious timber species that are over exploited due to its high market value. The extraction of these trees is called selective logging and its damages to the environment is twofold. Not only do they degrade the forest with the felling and extraction of the trees, but also they make a more serious impact by driving the target species to the brink of extinction. Two of the main species affected in the area are mahogany and cedar.

The aim of this project is to put in place solutions to mitigate those impacts.


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There are two timber species popular in the Peruvian Amazon that are subject to constant exploitation, these are Mahogany: Switenia glandiflora and Mexican Cedar: Cedrella odonata. Due to over-exploitation (legal and illegal) these two species are in danger of becoming extinct in the region. They are not only important for timber but also for the health of the ecosystem, as they form part of  the structure of forests, for being an important component of the medium-high stratus of these tropical forests.  So, our partners’ efforts are geared up to help replant these species in the natural forests and help with the restoration of this ecosystem.

Project Objectives 

To replant tree species that have been or are currently targeted by local loggers and that are in danger of becoming locally extinct.

By doing this we will be helping maintain the benefits (ecosystem services) that these forests provide such as: water, clean air, temperature regulation, soil formation etc, as well as restoring important habitats for the local biodiversity.

Project Activities

The activities include but are not restricted to:

  • Seed collection and germination
  • Plant saplings in strategic locations in the forest
  • Record GIS coordinates of planted saplings
  • Monitor growth of saplings

You will be provided with training on the methods used as well as the identification of species in the field.

Your participation on this project will help restore habitat in the region, with the intention of preserving ecosystems services and biodiversity. So you will gain field work experience on reforestation and identification of tropical flora, as well as becoming familiar with the biodiversity of the area and the economic pressures the forest and other natural resources are under. Your interaction with the locals will allow you to brush up on you Spanish speaking skills as well as gaining a better perspective of global citizenship and environment conservation.

Food will be provided by Eco Decisions and volunteers may help with the preparation of meals.

Volunteers stay at Venado Eco House which is located about one hour from Puerto Maldonado. All accommodation is shared dorm style rooms unless a request is made for a private room (at extra cost) both rooms types share a bathroom.

3 weeks   4 weeks     6 weeks        8 weeks

£968           £ 1,246          £1,865            £ 2,302

The price includes: Accommodation and food + airport transfer to hotel on arrival (other transport is not included).


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