Jaguar and Environment Monitoring in Iguazu National Park

////Jaguar and Environment Monitoring in Iguazu National Park

Jaguar and Environmental Monitoring in Iguazu National Park

The National Park of Iguazu protects the largest area of Atlantic Forest remaining. This is considered the second most diverse ecosystem in the world after the Amazon and one of the most threatened biomes in the world, as it is believed that less than 10% of the original Atlantic Forest is left . The park is populated by a huge diversity of species representative of the Brasilian Flora and Fauna, many of which are considered endangered such as the Jaguar, the Broad-snouted Caiman,  the parrot Vinaceous-breasted Amazon among others. The Iguazu Water Falls and surrounding protected areas is the first region of Brazil to have been designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. The park extends over Brazil and Argentina, hence it is managed by both authorities in cooperation. 

Iguazu National Park receives 1,5 million visitors per year, which puts pressure on the flora and fauna of the area. One of the biggest concerns  is the impacts on the Jaguar populations, which is an endangered species.  Not only directly but also indirectly through road accidents that kill some of its prey. Therefore the park authorities monitor both: the Jaguar population and the species affected by the road traffic very regularly with the aim of setting measures to avoid the impacts.

Another issue of concern is the quality of the water due to other human activities in the area, which is also submitted to regular monitoring.

The accommodation during this programme takes place locally please see here. You will be assisting the national park authorities on their environmental surveying through forests trails, roads and gaining access to water processing plants to monitor water quality . For more details please feel free to contact us

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Due to the extensive number of visitors that come to Iguazu every year, the national park authorities’ main task is to minimise the impact that the sheer volume of visitors can cause. This is one of the few refuges left of the Jaguar Panthera onca, which is in the category of nearly threatened in the the IUCN red list. For these reason most of the work of the conservation unit of the park is centered on assessing the impact on the species.

This project provides participants the opportunity to be involved in monitoring several aspects that allow the park authorities to asses environmental impact on the flora and fauna of the park:

You will assist the environmental monitoring team in their every day work which involves:

  • Jaguar Monitoring: setting camera traps, analysing footage and participating in field surveys.
  • Water quality analysis: collecting samples and analysing it in the lab.
  • Survey of road kills to identify areas and species affected.

The accommodation during this project takes place in local hostels. If you book your place more than 2 months in advance you can secure accommodation in the Eco-hostal, which is the closet accommodation to the national park, whiting walking distance to get your buss to work in the mornings.

This project provides the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the work undertaken by a national park authority to preserve the area.

Previous participants have come out enriched with better understanding of what a real job in natural resources management entails and how can they best use their skills in the job market.

They have gained practical experience that stands out in their CV and puts them ahead of the competition.

They have come out with the satisfaction of being able to use their skills to help a worthy cause.

And the they stay beaming for weeks after the experience for having visited without a doubt one of the most magnificent places in the world.

Learn about John’s experience.

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The price includes: Accommodation, with a choice of breakfast and dinner, daily transport to work, project placement and necessary training, 24/7 helpline for guidance support and emergencies.

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