Biodiversity Monitoring

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Biodiversity Monitoring

As defined in the EU Biodiversity Monitoring and Assessment Tool, Biodiversity Monitoring is the repeated observation or measurement of biological diversity (species of plants and animals) to determine their status and trends.

We believe, this is the first and most important objective to accomplish in protecting species and habitats. You need to know what you have and its status before you can actually create a plan to protect it.

Many of the areas we work in are national parks, reserves or have some other category of protected area under the IUCN definition. They have been designated as such for their importance to protect forests’ y and the benefits they provide. For that reason, it is paramount for those areas to study and protect their species and habitats.

That is why Biodiversity Monitoring is our most extensive programme. At Green Planet Ventures we understand the importance of this knowledge and we are committed to help our partners in this area, at the same time of providing YOU, with an opportunity to learn and contribute to the protection of the biodiversity of our planet.