Communications and Public Use in Iguazu National Park

///Communications and Public Use in Iguazu National Park

Communications and Public Use in Iguazu National Park

The National Park Iguazu protects the largest area of Atlantic Forest remaining. This is considered the second most diverse ecosystem in the world after the Amazon and one of the most threatened biomes in the world, as it is believed that less than 10% of the original Atlantic Forest is left . The park is populated by a huge diversity of species representative of the Brasilian Flora and Fauna, many of which are under threat of extintion or endangered. The Iguazu Water Falls and surrounding protected areas is the first region of Brazil to have been designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. The park extends over Brazil and Argentina, hence it is managed by both authorities in cooperation. 

Iguazu National Park receives 1.5 million visitors a year which puts  immense pressure on the local flora and fauna.  For this reason, it is necessary the production of materials to inform visitors of all facilities within the park, as well as educating them of the importance of protecting the flora and fauna of the area. This education is achieved through the production of interpretation materials to be used along trails and other visitor areas. High percent of these visitors are foreign nationals; therefore it is required the production of materials in English, as well as Portuguese.

As a volunteer for the public use (uso publico) team , you will have the opportunity to work with the National Park authority in revamping the interpretation of trails and helping with the production and editing of some of the printed materials. You will have opportunity to use your creativity in thinking and proposing new ways of bringing the visitors the information they require.

Another important project that keeps this team busy is the monitoring of alien species that require strict control in the areas of more intense public use.  For more details please feel free to contact us.

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