Communication and Teaching

Communication and marketing is an important subject in the protection of forests and protected areas. It is essential to communicate to the visiting public the importance of the natural resources in the area. This helps improve visitors’ satisfaction, because many people visit natural protected areas with the objective of learning about nature, as well as enjoying that environment. But more importantly it helps inform people about WHY is that area protected and WHAT is the role they can play in helping preserve that for future generations.

Equally important is the promotion and marketing of local produce that result from healthy forests. They are the livelihood of the local communities that live in and protect those forests.

In the national parks and reserves we work we encounter these two scenarios:

  1. Some national parks receive hundreds of tourists a year and need to implement creative ways of interpreting and communicating to the public the importance of their natural environment.
  2. Some of the nature reserves we work with exist to protect the livelihood of the local people that live in it and depend on the healthy natural resources of the area.

Hence, our projects in this programme are geared up to help our partners communicate to the world the importance of the natural resources in that area or help promote/ improve the commercialization of local produce that come out of healthy forests. So, YOU can put your communications and marketing skills to good use and help spread the word about the amazing places and people we work with.