Costa Rica

We offer 4 Tropical Forests Research and Conservation programmes in Costa Rica, suited to different educational backgrounds and levels.


In Peru, we work on very exiting projects in the Tambopata National Reserve, the range from biodiversity monitoring through to helping with ecotourism development.


Our Brazil programme is the most extensive. We currently work in 3 national parks and an extractive reserve, with project that range from Biodiversity monitoring to communications and data management.


Our Programme in Colombia will give the participants the opportunity to do long term volunteering for a conservation organisation dedicated to the protection of the Birds of Colombia. As well as opportunities to do surveys and field studies on birds, those interested in communications can work helping promote and coordinate the birds festival event that they run every year.

Programme Types

Amazon, rubber

Sustainable Development

Our sustainable development projects will help you learn about sustainable practices. It is ideal for those looking for volunteering opportunities as well as those that want to acquire work experience on the subject for career development purpose as part of an internship or a dissertation research.

Sustainable Development in the Brazilian Amazon: Helping the community of Cazumba in Western Brazil with their sustainable productions of rubber, acai berry, Brazil nut, etc.

Sustainable Agriculture in Peruvian Amazon.  Immerse yourself in a unique experience in one of the richest areas for plants an animals in the world. The Peruvian Amazon

Birds Festival in Colombia: Assist a birds conservation NGO in Colombia during the celebration of the Birds Festival in a rural community, helping develop activities of environmental education for children.

Biodiversity Monitorin

During your participation in one of our Biodiversity monitoring projects, you will be helping with wildlife monitoring and data collection. This experience is suitable for wildlife enthusiasts with some practical experience and students & graduates of a relevant subjects who are interested to gain practical field work experience. You can also design your biological or geographical research in some of the project locations and we can assist with your logistics on that.

Butterfly Monitoring in Central Brazil: This is a ten days expedition to Serra da Bodoquena National Park, to survey butterflies. Full training is given. This  is part of a structured annual monitoring programme and takes place only once a year in April and May.

Vertebrate monitoring in Central Brazil: Similarly to above this is a ten days expedition in Serra da Bodoquena NP and it takes place only once a year in August.

Mammals monitoring in The Peruvian Amazon: Motioning mammals in tropical rain forest, in the Amazonian area of Peru, available all year round.

Jaguar Conservation in Iguazu National Park: Takes place only in the summer holidays in Brazil as part of a wider environmental monitoring project where other activities will also be included in the programme.

Communications and Education

Communications and Public use in Iguazu National Park: Assist the national park Authority in their communications project. Portuguese training is provided in-situ.

Teaching English the the Brazilian Amazon:

Teach English to children and adults in the community of Cazumba in western Brazil.

Learning resources and videos

Sustainability Careers Presentation

Wildlife Monitoring Expedition

Oxford Interns in Iguazu- Feedback