Oxford University Students in Iguazu

//Oxford University Students in Iguazu

Oxford University Summer Internship and Green Planet Ventures in Iguazu National Park

Green Planet Ventures is a social enterprise dedicated to tropical forests conservation. Our work involves helping forest research and conservation institutes in the tropics, to overcome some of their challenges. Part of our work is bringing university students, qualified and or studying a relevant subject to do work experience and internships in these organisations. In this way we achieve win, win situations. The students get opportunities to:

  • Apply their theoretical knowledge,
  • Get an insight into a real working environment;
  • Shadow and or assist specialists that work on permanent basis on the project they are inserted to work on.
  • Explore the industry in question, whether a government institute, an NGO or local responsible business.
  • Acquire useful experience for their future career.
  • And last but not least, enjoy the personal satisfaction of using their skills to make real difference to forests protection.

For the institution that receives them, the benefits are also invaluable. As well as getting extra capacity for their everyday work. They get an injection of fresh enthusiasm and knowledge on new technologies and processes that the institution, in many cases, didn’t know were possible.

And that was exactly the case of our summer internship from Oxford University this year.  Together with Iguazu National Park, Green Planet Ventures made an assessment of projects that would benefit from the students input. The results exceed expectations on both sides. The students had an incredible  four -six weeks working alongside the park specialists in three projects:

  • Communications and Public Use: with the objective of refreshing the communications strategy of the park, to help visitors understand the importance of the natural resources that the National Park protects.
  • Environmental monitoring: To monitor environmental parameters in the park such as water quality and Jaguar population dynamics:
  • Data management: with the objective of creating data recording computerised systems and analyse data to inform decisions.

The specialists of the national park authority are so impressed with the quality of the students we selected. Their interest, enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment to the job. They can’t wait to receive the next cohort of our students.

“This was a fantastic experience for everyone, we had so much work done and learned so much from the students” Said Rosane Nauderer, the national park specialist that coordinated the students workplan.

The students were enriched by immersing themselves in a different culture, overcoming language barriers, learning the procedures implemented and acquiring useful field work and office work experience. Not to mention visiting one of the most stunning landscapes in the world and the satisfaction of having contributed to the protection of Atlantic Forest, one of the most threatened ecosystems in the world.

Here is what John, one of our star students that worked in the data management project had to say:

“The balance of work, culture and activities was fantastic. I felt I had contributed to the organisation and also immersed myself in the culture and taken part in many fantastic experiences. It was a great opportunity to travel to a new country, contribute to meaningful work, and take part in amazing activities, all whilst developing and learning new skills. I can’t stop talking about it!”



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