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This programme is designed for professional and undergraduate researchers that want to conduct their own environmental and social research in a tropical country. You can choose to do your dissertation research for your undergraduate degree, master’s or your PhD. 

Your research subject and methodology is up to you and your university supervisor(s) we just provide the venue and coordinate the logistics on the ground, so you can concentrate on the important matter: your research.

Please visit our internship page for an idea of the subject areas. However, you are not restricted to those. If you have a different research project in mind, in any of the locations we work, feel free to  contact us and send a proposal of the study you would like to carry out. We will assess the requirements and consult with our experts in the locations and will assist you with the logistics to make it happen.

Check our Travel Advice page for visas, travel, and health and safety advice, and please consult our Terms and Conditions before booking.

What will you gain?

This program is designed to provide a “venue” for your research and coordinate the logistics for you, to facilitate your work. On arrival to the reserve you will receive an introduction to the area and will discuss with qualified personnel the particulars of your research so they can provide advice and assist as required.

Features & Benefits

  • Undertake own research for the purpose of dissertation or professional interest.
  • Bespoke assistance to undertake your own research.
  • Participate in scientific fora that coincide with your stay.
  • Interact with other international students.
  • Improve employability and future career prospect.
  • Obtain work reference and or credits for current degree

What’s Included in the Price

  • As this programme is completely tailored to your needs we can provide you with prices on enquiry.

Some of the services offered are:

  • Transfer to hotel on arrival.
  • Accommodation&  meals as requested: self catering, half board or full board.
  • Permit to access the protected areas where the research will take place.
  • Required research permit (according to species legislations).
  • A trained guide that can accompany you if required.
  • Use of facilities and tools from the research station.
  • 24 hours help line, to help resolve any issues that might arise.

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