Our company supports crucial research in tropical forests. This gives us a special insight into this wonderful green world, which we would like to share with you Nature Lover to make your holiday  special, in harmony with all creatures that inhabit it.

Brazil Natural

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If you prefer a tranquil holiday, away from the turbulence of the big cities and a steamy night of samba is not your favorite item of the menu.  Get in touch , call us on +44 1276 503402 so we can help you design your unique holiday in Brazil natural spaces, from the Rainforest of the Amazon, running through the Cerrado (savana) areas in central Brazil, stopping by in Pantanal for a wetland wildlife adventure and  calling at Iguazu to witness the breathtaking scenery of the biggest waterfall in the world.  Your trip your way!! 


Birdwatching in Costa Rica 

 Bird Watching in Costa Rica 

Bird Watching in Costa Rica 

It is not by chance that Costa Rica is one of the most popular bird watching destinations in the world. There are in excess of 840 species, in a country that is almost five times smaller than the United Kingdom. The country's policy on protecting natural resources, combined with a rich habitat diversity makes possible the existence of not only huge diversity of birds but also of plants and other animals.  

With the specialised knowledge of where to see the species, and our experienced English-speaking local guides, we can help you make of your Bird-watching trip a real success. Get in touch , call us on +44 1276 503402 so we can help you

Costa Rica Ultimate Forest Retreat. 

Forest Tours in Costa Rica with Green Planet Ventures. Have it your way!!!


Our Forest tours in Costa Rica take you from coast to coast, from volcanoes, and beautiful beaches, through to waterfalls and and the sea. Just relax in company of beautiful wildlife. Or pack your trip with adventure where you can go rafting in white waters or hang over the forest canopy...   Or do both. This is perhaps one of the few occasions in life when you can actually Have it All. 

We connected with the best hotels in the country, so whether you want to stay in a big hotel or prefer eco-lodges in the middle of the forest to really feel the magic, we are here to make it happen. Get in touch , call us on +44 1276 503402 so we can help you design your perfect forest retreat.