Peru Wildlife Encounters

//Peru Wildlife Encounters

Peru is considered a Mega-Diverse Country due to its high diversity of species of plants and animals. When you visit the Peruvian part of the Amazon you can see why!

Our wildlife encounters trips take you to the Peruvian Amazon, where you can spend several (2-5) nights in a forest lodge and go exploring this incredible corner of the world.

Peruvian Amazon- Wildlife Encounters

(from £788 for 5d/4n with full board and excursions included) excludes protected areas fees payable to local government.

The highlights

Visit a Macaws Clay lick: You set off early in the morning to watch what it is without doubt the biggest conglomeration of macaws you have ever seen in the wild. The animals come to this places to ingest the mineral rich clay of the river bank. As well as macaws you can find there other mammals such as tapirs, monkeys and capivaras.

Secluded Oxbow lake: This is a type of lake that is formed in the Amazon, in bends of the river, when the cause of the main river changes and the U shaped body of  water gets separated. these lakes are haven for accusative wildlife, many species of fish and giant otters. In this trip you can choose to spend one whole day or just half day enjoying nature’s company, go rowing on a rustic boat or even try your luck fishing.

Canopy hanging bridges: This is literally a high adventure, walking at Canopy level over the 40-50 meters high amazonian rain-forest.

And other relaxing activities such as kayaking, going out to find caimans or night walks in the forest to see nocturnal wildlife.

This adventure can be combined with excursions to the Inca Trail and/or Machu Pichu, in Peru and the journey can be done by land or flying. Or you may want to combine this trip with an incursion to Western Brazil or Bolivia. Just enquiry to find out what is possible.

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