Brazil Natural

Our company supports crucial research in tropical forests. This gives us a special insight into this wonderful green world, which we also want to put to good use   to make your nature holiday  special, in harmony with all creatures that inhabit the places you visit.

Brazil Natural

Brazil is such a big country that you can’t explore it in one trip. It is best to compartmentalise your experiences. Go for the Carnival and the cities or go and explore the countryside.

Our Brazil Natural itinerary does exactly what it says on the tin. It is designed to bring you to Brazil Natural countryside: from the Amazonian rain forests, running through the Cerrado (savanna) areas in central Brazil, stopping by in Pantanal for a wetland wildlife adventure and calling at Iguazu to witness the breath-taking scenery of the biggest waterfall in the world. Submit an enquiry and we design your trip your way!!


The Amazon: In the Brazilian Amazon you can visit the popular area of Manaus, where you can experience a luxury cruise up the river enjoying wildlife and interact with the native population. And/or if you want to see the Amazon off the beaten track, you can venture further West into Acre and even spend several days living in an indigenous village and experience their culture, their food and customs.

Pantanal: This is one of the biggest tropical wetlands in the world, located further South from the Amazon, in the state of Mato Groso. This is a brilliant place to watch wildlife: birds, jaguars, caimans, capybaras; as well as explore the area canopying or hiking accompanied by a local guide knowledgeable of the area, that can help you see the animals at the best possible time.

Bonito: This is a small rural town near Pantanal, where you can see the fauna of the cerrado (Brazilian Savanna) Giant Ant-eaters, tapirs and the noisy and colourful macaws will accompany your explorations of waterfalls, caves and snorkelling in rivers and blue and transparent waterholes teeming with colourful fish.

Chapada dos Veadeiros: Where you can see the incredible diversity of the Cerrado ecosystem, crossed by rivers and streams that form dozens of small waterfalls or “cachueras” making it a great place for hiking and walking in the countryside, surrounded by natural and spectacular Cerrado vegetation and take the occasional deep in the river to cool yourself after the walk.

Iguazu Falls: This is simply one of the most breath-taking places you can ever visit. As well as visiting the falls you can explore the Atlantic forests that is protected by this National Park. Enjoy the privilege of staying in the incredible Belmond das Cataratas, right next to the falls and enjoy the exclusive sight of the moon rainbow and having the falls just to yourself, when the park is closed to the rest of the visitors. And the best is we can get you a seat in the front row. Take advantage! of our close relationship with the park and ensure the best possible deal.

Iguazu Family Holiday

From £695 p/p for 5 days for a family of 4 including accommodation and excursions, to both Brazilian and Argentinian side of the falls. Or from £450 p/p for only accommodation on B&B basis.

Iguazu is ne of the biggest waterfalls in the world. This excursion give you the opportunity to get close and personal with this natural wonder and visit the falls on both sides, Argentina and Brazil.

Bonito & Pantanal Tour

From £999 for 4 nights (3 in Bonito one night in Pantanal) and all transfers and excursions:

This trip takes you on a voyage of discovery of the rich wildlife of the Brazilian cerrado (Savana), where you can see macaws Ant-eaters and more. As well as  the nearby wetlands of Pantanal.

Pantanal is considered the biggest wetland in the world and one of the places where you stand the best chance of coming face to face with a Jaguar as well as seeing hundreds of birds. Our trip takes the hassle out of navigating this vast region by organizing all transfers and excursions, so you can concentrate on enjoying  this magnificent place.

The price above is p/p for a private tour for 2 persons (for bigger groups savings apply) this  includes

  • Transfer to Hotel on Arrival
  • Blue lake cave excursion
  • Snorkel in cristal clear river, swimming with fish
  • Visit Macaw hole
  • Transfer to Pantanal
  • Wildlife excursion
  • Return to Aiport
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