Environmental Education in the Peruvian Amazon

/Environmental Education in the Peruvian Amazon

Environmental Education in the Peruvian Amazon

In most developing countries, Environmental Education is a relatively flexible component of primary school education, mostly enriched by extra curricular activities and by the interaction with local business and conservation organisations that have a direct interest in protecting the local environment. For this reasons in places such as the Amazon there is a great deal of scope for local institutions to take part in activities with the local schools to help spread the conservation message.


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As a land owner and business that depends on the conservation of natural resources, our partner in the Peruvian Amazon, EcoDecision is keen to get help educate the local youth. So with this projects they aim to increase environmental awareness and inspire local youth to appreciate the world around them and the unique ecosystem they live in and to promote the message of conservation.

The activities in this project can include, but no restricted to:

  • Organize and orchestrate educational field trips
  • Help with the implementation of eco-friendly projects in the schools which can involved addressing pollution, recycling, deforestation and sustainable agriculture.
  • Educational seminars for the adult population in the community

You will be provided with training on the educational methods used.

By joining this project you will have an opportunity to practice your Spanish  speaking skills. You will be trained on the different environmental issues that the project looks into, within the local context such as recycling, deforestation, pollution etc, as well as the communication/education methods used.

You contribution to this project will help educate the new generations in the Amazon about the global importance of the ecosystem they live in.

Food will be provided by Eco Decisions and volunteers may help prepare meals.

Volunteers stay at Venado Eco House which is located about one hour from Puerto Maldonado. All accommodation is shared dorm style rooms unless a request is made for a private room (extra cost) both room types share a bathroom.

3 weeks   4 weeks     6 weeks        8 weeks

£968           £ 1,246          £1,865            £ 2,302

The price includes: Accommodation and food + airport transfer to hotel on arrival (other transport is not included).


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