Costa Rica Programmes

///Costa Rica Programmes


One month working in environmental projects within an ecological research station. This program is for every one that wants to make a contribution to forest conservation and research, designed to equip participants with a general understanding of the work involved in protecting this habitat and allow you to get your hands dirty helping out with this important job.


Three months working on specific projects. Our subjects range from studies of flora and fauna (plants, reptiles, mammals) through to data collection and geographical research. You will work as a research assistant following instructions from the researcher that leads on the project you have chosen.


As a graduate or professional you may have specific interests in tropical forests and/or sustainable development and would like to plan and conduct your own research. This option is also suitable for undergraduates who would like to conduct their research for dissertation purpose.


This is a 2 weeks program that will allow you to learn about the wondrous biodiversity of tropical forests, its benefits to humankind, and conservation pressures for this ecosystem.

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