Costa Rica Introductory Trip

///Costa Rica Introductory Trip

Tropical Forest Short Trip


The two weeks trip is designed to serve as a quick snapshot of tropical forests management. It can simply be a way to spend your holiday and explore the local amenities; or a bird watching trip, photography or even nature filming trip. Our partner reserve is placed in the middle of the Central America’s birds migration corridor, hence its bird species are regularly monitored and this could coincide with your stay.  

This can also serve as an exploratory trip to get to know the area, in order to design your own research and or choose the project you would like to work on for a longer period.

For the price quoted, you will have 14 days accommodation in the reserve and three meals, as well as a visit to your area of interest and introductory meeting. Students also get the transfer from the airport on arrival for free. As the work in the reserve is eminently seasonal, once we know your intended date of travel we can provide more detailed information.

Check our Travel Advice page for visas, travel, and health and safety advice, and please consult our Terms and Conditions before booking.

What’s Included in the Price

14 days for £1,040

  • The price includes full board accommodation, 3 meals a day, and airport transfer on arrival (for students).
  • Permit to access the protected area where the research takes place and necessary research permit.
  • Required training to undertake the field project you have chosen.
  • 24 hours help line, to help resolve any issues that might arise.
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