Forest Conservation Volunteering

/Forest Conservation Volunteering


4-12 WEEKS

Our volunteering program is designed to help you develop and acquire skills in nature conservation and sustainable development. You may have interest in environment management, conservation and social development and may come from any educational background, and be genuinely interested in sustainable development projects and conservation. Or you may come from an environmental or earth science background with a more specific research interest.

In our forest volunteering program you will be able to experience, first hand, the benefits of keeping forests alive and some of the management undertaken to ensure the adequate functioning of this ecosystem. You will also participate in everyday research undertaken by field biologists to help assess ecosystem functioning, measure climatic parameters, conduct biological surveys, measure forest biomass and much more.

If you would like to carry out more specific research and have a background in environmental science, then check out our Internship Programme.

Check our travel advice for visas, travel, and health and safety advice, and please consult our Terms and Conditions before booking.

In this program you will gain field research skills in the management of tropical forests. You will receive an introduction to the subject and the necessary training to undertake the required research, together with the opportunity to assist a field specialist in the everyday research work conducted in a reserve dedicated to the protection of tropical forests. There is also a varied program of events taking place at the conference centre that you can attend during your stay.

  • Opportunity to develop field research skills.
  • Undertake own research for the purpose of dissertation or professional interest.
  • Participate in scientific fora that coincide with your stay.
  • Interact with other international students enrolled in the same project.
  • Improve employability and future career prospect.
  • Obtain work reference and or credits for current degree
  • The minimum recommended duration of this program is 4 weeks costing from £996, in self-catering shared accommodation. Booking of a party of four is required to secure this option.
  • Single bookings will be on the basis of full board accommodation in a hotel-like room at the following prices.
    • 4 weeks £1,878
    • 8 weeks £ 3,640
    • 12 weeks £ 5,236
  • The price quoted includes
  • Transfer to hotel on arrival.
  • Accommodation and three meals per day at the hotel restaurant.
  • Permit to access the protected areas where the research takes place.
  • Required research permit (according to species legislations).
  • Necessary training to undertake the field research you have chosen.
  • Use of facilities and tools from the research station.
  • 24 hours help line, to help resolve any issues that might arise.