3+ Months

This programme is suitable for those with a background in ecological and environmental sciences. We offer a diverse range of scientific programs and research projects that range from geography studies on climate, habitat dynamics and society; through to biological research on the different zoological groups: plants, insects, birds, amphibian and reptiles, bats and other mammals. You can be involved in some of the following:

- Measurement of carbon emissions and storage

- Mammals ecology and conservation

- Amphibian and reptiles studies

- Insects monitoring and identification

- Inventory: Plant diversity in a tropical rain forest

- Monitoring migratory birds and resident species

The specific subject of the work you will be involved in depends on your skills and preferences as well as the seasonal variation of the studies.

Alternatively we can assist you in conducting your own individual research.

If you do not have a background in environmental sciences, but would like to gain work experience in this field, please look at our Volunteering Programme.

Check our Travel Advice page for visas, travel, and health and safety advice to Costa Rica, and please consult our Terms and Conditions before booking.


What will you gain?

An internship, to be considered as such should last from 3-6 months. It is an opportunity to experience real work experience and test specific industry and or subject, which will help you make important decisions on what career path you want to follow.

Our internships are designed for students and graduates that have a background in environmental studies, ecology, geography, etc who want to explore deeper a career path in environmental conservation and research.

An internship with Green Planet Ventures will help you improve and put in practice your acquired research skills, on a specific subject of your choice (as above mentioned). You will gain field research experience and its application to the protection of tropical forests. You will be allocated to a project that is already up and running, under the supervision and tuition of an experienced field ecologist. So you will be an assistant researcher undertaking the required research in one of the above mentioned projects.


Features & Benefits

- Opportunity to develop field research skills on the specific subject you choose.

- Participate in scientific fora that coincide with your stay.

- Interact with other international students enrolled in yours and other projects.

- Improve employability and future career prospect.

- Obtain work reference and or credits for current degree.

- Some of your research may take place within Braulio Carrillo National Park, so you will   have the opportunity to visit the park and interact with staff there.


What's Included in the Price

- The minimum recommended duration of this program is 3 months costing from £2988, in self-catering shared accommodation. Booking of a party of four is required to secure this option.

- Single bookings will be on the basis of full board accommodation in a hotel room, for 3 months the price will be £5236.

- If you do not have the time to carry out the internships for 3 months, then you may request a shorter internship. The prices of these will be similar to what we offer for our Volunteering Programme. Alternatively, you may also require a longer internship than 3 months. Please enquire for more information of these prices.

The price quoted includes:

- Transfer to hotel on arrival. 

- Accommodation and three meals per day at the hotel restaurant.

- Permit to access the protected areas where the research takes place.

- Required research permit (according to species legislations).

- Necessary training to undertake the field research you have chosen.

- Use of facilities and tools from the research station.

- 24 hours help line, to help resolve any issues that might arise.



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For enQuiries

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