Costa Rica Holiday, Best Time to Go

//Costa Rica Holiday, Best Time to Go

What is the best time to travel to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country of wonderful wildlife, beautiful and kind people, gorgeous scenery, volcanoes and hotels to suit all tastes and demands. So, any time of the year you travel you will find great things to do and great places where to stay. However, as a tropical rain-forest country, it rains a lot throughout the year.  The good news is that like in most countries there is a dry and wet season.

The wet season in Costa Rica normally runs from August to October. The rains can sometimes start in July and spill over into November. If you want to avoid the peak of the rainy season, as a general rule, avoid going to Costa Rica from August to October. The storms have a good side thought, they create great waves on the Pacific coast, making it ideal for surfing, something that Costa Rica is well recommended for.

The dry season is from December to March. December is also the peak of the tourism season due to the Christmas holidays. So, if you also want to avoid the crowds, the best time would be from January to March. This is a good time also for birdwatching or birding as you get the migratory birds from the North during that time and it’s also a good time for whales in the sea, snorkelling and the turtle hatching season in some beaches.

But a word of warning, Costa Rica is a rain-forest country, so do go prepared with rain coat and boots whenever you travel, because rain can be expected any time of the year.


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