Colombia is the northern-most country of the South American continent and has coast with both oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic. It is considered the second most biodiverse country in the world (only surpassed by Brazil), hosting 10% of the world's biodiversity. However it is ranked number one for several groups of plants and animals such as orchids and palm trees, birds, butterflies and amphibians.

According to the environment ministry of Colombia (MINAMBIENTE), Colombian natural forests cover 52.2% of the country’s total landmass. The country exhibits forests ecosystems of global importance such as the Choco- Darien considered the wetest tropical forest in the world, several wetlands of international importance protected by Ramsar (Convention for the protection of Wetlands); as well as sharing part of the Amazonian ecosystems. 

The threats to the Colombian forests, range from mining and infrastructure development to illegal logging and clear cutting to give way to agriculture. Due to the high index of biodiversity, the disappearance of some of these forests may well wipe out species that have not even been discovered. Hence, Green Planet Venture’s work to support research in these areas.


Project Location

You might be glad to learn that our project takes place in a rural and quiet area of Colombia. A small town called Sincelejo in the Sucre province. 



Our current programme in Colombia presents the candidates with the unique opportunity to put into practice their skills in cell biology and genetics applied to the conservation of species at the brink of extinction. See our programmes page for more info. 


ASM Ambiental

Our partner in Colombia is the environmental consultancy ASM Ambiental, dedicated to environmental education and conservation research projects, for companies and individuals committed to ethical management of natural resources. You might be pleased to hear that it is located in Sincelejo, Sucre, a rural and quiet area of Colombia. 


Due to the non-touristic nature of Sincelejo the accommodation for this project is with trusted small local busineses.


How to Prepare for your Trip

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