As a result of human impact on our climate, there are changes to come in the shape of natural disasters, droughts, floods, earthquakes, storms and others. The countries most vulnerable to those changes are located in the tropics, where we also find the biggest percent of the biodiversity of the planet. Coincidentally, these are precisely the countries least developed economically, hence lack the resources to adapt. So we feel a moral obligation to support these countries climate change adaptation endeavors, to help protect people, forests and biodiversity.
Furthermore, the 21st climate change conference of the parties in Paris set a high commitment to tackle climate change to stay well below 2 degrees Celsius of global warming. In fact, the agreed target is to reduce our global emissions to a level that allows us to curve global warming below 1.5 Celsius.

We are committed to this goal as a way to preserve the integrity of our planet for future generations. We are acutely aware of the important role that forest management plays in achieving this target, by helping reduce emissions and capture carbon from the atmosphere. Hence, our work to support forest research where is needed.

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