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Environmental Internship

Adventures in Iguazu

Adventures in Iguazu My name is Raphaella Ridley and I am a student at Somerville College Oxford. This summer, I took part in an environmental internship organised by Green Planet Ventures that was based in Iguazu National Park, Brazil, where me, and six other interns stayed for a month. I had such an amazing time in the National Park and I would never have expected to be lucky enough to partake in some of the activities organised. On my first day, the other

Helping Sustainable Development in La Cachuela

Helping Sustainable Development in La Cachuela, Peruvian Amazon  This summer’s interns are currently working away on perhaps our most exciting development project yet. We are lucky enough to be participating in a sustainable development planning workshop in a small Amazonian community called La Cachuela. It is a community of just 50 families who live spread across a forested and agricultural area of 2,000 hectares. Right next to a growing Amazonian tourist industry in the city of Puerto Maldonado, the people of

My trip to Iguazu

My Trip To Iguazu National Park I have just finished my third year studying Materials Science at Oxford University and went to Iguazu national park in June-July 2018 to work on Green Planet Ventures’ ICMBio data analysis project. The opportunity to be in a real working environment in another country was a very useful, but also challenging experience. I spent the first week adjusting to work in the office and immersing myself in the culture of a new country, with people

My Trip Was Brilliant!

I am Belinda, a second year student in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University My trip was brilliant! I went to do the vertebrates’ monitoring trip in Serra da Bodoquena National Park. This is an 8 day expedition into the National Park area to monitor bird and mammal species. I did four treks, spending four to five hours walking in the jungle to take note of all species we could see. The trails are about nine kilometres long and you walk in

Green Planet Ventures Partners with Oxford University Summer Internships.

Oxford University Students become Green Planet Ventures’ interns at in Iguazu National Park Through our internships we help university students put theory to practice. The students are inserted to work at a research/conservation institution; a real work environment relevant to their subject of study. They benefit the  the institution in questions as they help to bring a fresh outlook on the issues. But also the students get opportunities to: Apply their theoretical knowledge, Get an insight into a real-work environment; They assist specialists that


The ecological reserve of Sarapiqui in Heredia, Costa Rica, where Green Planet Ventures’ interns and volunteers work, has found a species of bat (Furipterus horrens), unseen for years. The species had not been seen in Costa Rica for 45 years (since 1973) and they were about to declare it extinct in the country, when the finding took place. See the local news. This is a rare species with a reported distribution range from Nicaragua to Brazil, appearing mainly in caves in


So, you’ve seen the Green Planet Ventures website, you’re looking to gain useful experience in sustainability, but you want to know more about what you’ll be doing, where you’ll be staying and who you will be working with! That’s why I’ve written this introduction; to help you anticipate what to expect when you take a placement with Green Planet Ventures. Firstly, what will you be doing? The project placements are designed to help you gain useful work experience in sustainability (sustainable development

My Master’s Dissertation Research with GPV

My Master’s Dissertation Research with Green Planet Ventures June- July 2018 I am Rosie, I joined Green Planet Ventures’ sustainable development project in the Amazon for six weeks from June- July 2018. The project is hosted by their partner ICMBio based in Acre (the western most part of the Brazilian Amazon).I did my undergrad in Geography at Sussex University and worked for a few years before I enrolled in the Environmental Governance Master’s at Oxford University.The objective of my trip was