//Why GPV

Our main focus is tropical forest research and the study of environmental and social dynamics that make possible the sustainable development of the communities we work in. We have formed exclusive partnerships with real research institutions that focus their work on the conservation of tropical forests. If that is also your motivation look no further.

We have exclusive partnerships with conservation NGOs and research institutes that work professionally to manage natural resources in a sustainable way.  So our project placements are a REAL work enviornement, which will allow you to get involved in the scientific work that these organisations undertake to preserve the natural environment for future generations.

Our leaders have worked in the field of forest research and international conservation for many years. They understand what it takes to undertake a conservation project in a tropical forest environment. Not only in terms of health and safety, so you can gain valuable work experience taking the least possible risk; but also in terms of the quality of the conservation projects you will be involved in. You will work on projects that make a real difference to the communities and to the environment of the country you visit. At the same time you will learn new skills and acquire research experience.

Your involvement with Green Planet Ventures in any of our activities, will bring you one step closer to a career in environmental conservation and sustainable development. For we will help you develop further your skills to understand and research yourself the complex dynamics that make forests the most important terrestrial ecosystem to preserve life on earth as well as ways in which humans can receive the benefits they provide in a sustainable way.