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//Our Team

Loraiza Davies


Loraiza is a Biologist with over 25 years experience in nature/forest conservation and research; and a Master’s in Environment and Development from King’s College London. She has worked for several international conservation organisations such as RSPB, Birdlife and WWF.

Originally from South America (Cuba), she is now settled in the UK. Since her days as a biology student she has been exploring the tropical forests of this vast continent and campaigning for their protection. However the restrictive environmental regulations banning locals from protected areas ignited her passion for development studies, looking at the integration of humans into their environment in a sustainable way.

Her passion for travel, environment conservation and sustainable development coupled with a thirst for exploring wilderness and protecting the natural world led to the conception of Green Planet Ventures.

Milton Marrero Bacallao


Milton is a Business Management Graduate with experience in strategy, marketing and a thirst for adventure. After travelling to various countries, from Peru to Switzerland, Milton has seen first hand the impacts and possible future dangers of climate change. This has fueled his passion for sustainability and the need to conduct vital research to raise awareness of the importance of forests. So he has decided that this venture is a good start to help tackle these issues head on.

Who will look after you in our locations?

Rosane Nauderer

Will be your interns/volunteers’ coordinator and first point of contact in Iguazu National Park, together with the manager of the project you join.

Nayara de Oliveria Stachesky

Is the interns/ volunteers coordinator in Serra da Bodoquena National Park and the person that leads most of the field expeditions. Both for the butterfly monitoring in the spring and the vertebrates monitoring in the summer are lead by Nayara who is also assisted by Sandro the head of the National Park Serra da Bodoquena.

Marco Gasparoli

Is the life and the soul of Selva Verde Lodge in Costa Rica. He welcomes our interns and volunteers and coordinates the research programme, the transportation and most of the logistics. You will be however working with some of the field researchers that specialise on the different groups: Mammals, reptiles and amphibians, birds etc.

Tiago Damo Ramsi

Is the manager of the Cazumba-Iracema reserve and everything that happens there gets his go ahead. He coordinates the visit of some of  the  volunteers/ interns himself. However, The Boss as we call him (pictured above on the left) is  busy, and he may appoint someone to look after you. This can be the Brilliant Nesinho, Political leader of the community of Cazumba and currently in charge of the Environmental management front, (pictured on the right).

Corrie Rushford

Is the coordinator of the field trips and excursions on the Wasai. She is a biologist by training and as such she is involved in quite a lot of the field research that takes place in EcoDecisions concession. She will be your first point of contact on arrival, however  you will work directly with the manager of the project you choose to join.

Marilene Lima,

Marilene is the interns and volunteers coordinator for the Cazumba Iracema Reserve in the Brazilian Amazon in Acre. She will deal with collecting your details, dates, project, etc. and will welcome you and help you settled into the work you will be doing.

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