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Green Planet Ventures, is a social enterprise that works in the interface of environment conservation and sustainable development. We provide internships, work experience, volunteering and research opportunities in the field of tropical forest conservation and sustainable development. If you are looking to boost your conservation and international development career you came to the right place.


Our mission is to enhance youth education on sustainable development, global citizenship and the protection of tropical forests as an essential ecosystem to preserve life on planet earth and regulate climate.

Tropical forests hold circa 80% of the terrestrial  biodiversity of the planet. They are located in developing countries that lack the resources for essential human needs, let alone for environmental research. That is why Green Planet Ventures works with forest research institutes and protected areas that are in need of a workforce to undertake their research.

By placing our volunteers to gain work experience or spend a working holiday in these centers we achieve win-win cooperation. For we help these institutions carry out their research, at the same time of providing our volunteers with an opportunity to apply and develop their skills and make a meaningful contribution to the protection of tropical forests.


Today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow, so we aim to encourage and catalyze their education developing an ethos of protection of natural resources and sustainable development, in order to preserve the planet’s  natural resources for future generations and help tackle climate change.

Tropical forests occur in developing countries, which are also expected to receive the effects of climate change more severely than temperate regions; so we feel the moral obligation to support these countries’ endeavours to protect this ecosystems for the sake of humanity.

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