Who are we?

Green Planet Ventures, is a social enterprise that works in the interface of environment conservation and sustainable development. We support and conduct research for sustainable development and climate adaptation, with a focus on tropical forests conservation.

We also provide career development opportunities provide internships, work experience, volunteering and research opportunities in the field of tropical forest conservation and sustainable development.

If you are looking to take your sustainability career to the next level you came to the right place!

Core Values

Tropical Forests

Tropical forests are the most important terrestrial ecosystems to support life on the planet. Well above 50% of the terrestrial biodiversity is hosted by tropical forests. Additionally, they are part of the problem and the solution to climate change.

Big Problem: We lose every year 7 million hectares of tropical forests, equivalent to 18 football pitches of forests per minute, contributing to more than 20% of global carbon emissions.

Small solution: Growing forests (trees) absorb carbon, hence help reduce the amount emitted by industrial process and help regulate temperature and humidity.

That is why stopping deforestation and restoring, replanting forests need to go  hand in hand to help tackle climate change.

Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development

Tropical forests occur in developing countries: biodiversity rich but economically poor countries. Paradoxically, even though they have contributed the least amount of green-house gases to the atmosphere, they will feel the impacts of climate change more strongly and lack the resources to adapt. As global citizens we feel a moral obligation to support these countries endeavours to protect their natural environment.  For this reason, we support communities and organisations’ environmental and sustainable development projects. We help them adapt to climate change and improve their livelihoods helping meet the sustainable development goals

Social Entrepreneurship and Global Citizenship

We do not take for granted the situation of the communities we visit. The money paid for our programmes goes directly to the communities that provide the services (accommodation, food and transport). Our presence there, as well as helping with their work, contributes to their modest livelihood. We promote respect of the local customs and relate to all, community and staff as equal.

As promoters of respect and positive change, we only get involved in projects that have a positive social impact. The communities we visit are supported, rather than burdened /or taken advantage of, by  our participants or project work.

Moral Obligation and Social Responsibility

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, humanity so far has failed to put in place adequate solutions to the current environmental and social problems. Inevitably, is going to fall on the generations to come to deal with those.

Many young graduates, struggle to find a job related to their degree, due to lack of work experience. Green Planet Ventures is on a mission to help students and graduate to accelerate their development to be ready for a career that will safeguard our planet for future generations.

Responsible travel

The travel industry, has a considerable foot print that goes beyond the carbon emissions for transport. The industry is also responsible for excessive plastic pollution and indiscriminate use of water, to name but a few.

We believe that the times to travel unaware of the impacts of our journeys, are long gone. We promote purposeful travel and aim to leave a long lasting positive contribution to the environment, reflected in the project work and the formation of our participants. In organising our programmes, we strive to reduce/ minimise environmental impact and make sure that the benefits of the trip and our projects, make your journey worth while. Our moto is:

Travel with a purpose: Travel for the forest

Our vision

To support organisations and communities that strive to protect forests resources. At the same time of improving the professional development of the new generation of leaders to help tackle climate change and support the accomplishment of the sustainable development goals.

In a market prone to misconception of its benefits and impacts. We are mindful to only work on those projects that benefit the local communities and serve the purpose of environmental protection and sustainable development.

We are keen to help people for the right reasons. Hence our social enterprise mandate to reinvest profits in our cause: Tropical Forest Conservation and sustainable development.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to create a global movement for forest conservation and help 100,000 students/young professionals to accelerate their career development in sustainability, while helping local communities and organisations to protect tropical forests. Join us and be the change you want to see in the world!!