Tropical Forests Conservation & Sustainable development Research

Green Planet Ventures, is a social enterprise dedicated to Tropical Forests Conservation and Sustainable Development. We work in partnership with local organisations supporting and conducting research on Natural Resources management for Sustainable Development. Through our work, we help rural communities to adapt to climate change and protect forest ecosystems and their services.

We also provide internships, work experience, volunteering and field research opportunities in tropical forest conservation and sustainable development through our programmes.


Tropical forests host well above 50% of the terrestrial biodiversity of the planet and are important to regulate climate. The vast majority occur in developing countries that lack the resources to conduct vital research and conservation work. Therefore, we aim to support these countries’ endeavours to protect their forests for the sake of humanity, working in partnership with grass roots and other local organisations. At the same time, we provide students and graduates with the opportunity to learn new skills, enjoy the natural environment and make a contribution to the protection of this ecosystems.

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We offer 4 Tropical Forests Research and Conservation programmes in Costa Rica, suited to different educational backgrounds and levels.

Peru Programme

We currently have two programmes in the Peruvian Amazon, helping with forest conservation and sustainable development planing.

Brazil Programme

Our Brazilian programme is the most extensive to date. We work in 4 protected areas: 3 National Parks and one Extractive Reserve, in projects that range from biodiversity monitoring to communications and data management.

“Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges that humanity has faced, it requires innovative solutions but more than anything else, it requires the immense will to protect forests and learn to live in harmony with them.”


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