Tropical Forests Conservation & Travel

Green Planet Ventures, is a social enterprise dedicated to Tropical Forests Conservation. We work in partnership with local organisations to provide internships, work experience, volunteering and field research opportunities in tropical forest conservation and sustainable development through our programmes.

We also put to best use our ground knowledge of those places, coordinating our Forest trips that make an active contribution to local sustainable development and environmental education.


Costa Rica Programme

We offer 4 Tropical Forests Research and Conservation programmes in Costa Rica, suited to different educational backgrounds and levels.

Peru Programme

We currently have several programmes in the Peruvian Amazon, all taking place in the Tambopata National Reserve, designated as such to protect the humid forests located around the Tambopata and Heath river.

Brazil Programme

Our Brazilian programme is the most extensive to date. We work in 4 protected areas: 3 National Parks and one Extractive Reserve, in projects that range from biodiversity monitoring to communications and data management.

“Our company will inspire and help equip the younger generations to protect the planet and its people, while having a blast learning and exploring.”


Book your Tropical Forest trip with an expert and help protect our forests

Our forests trips are your chance for a special date with nature. Through our conservation work we have got to know our destinations from the inside; not only as a visitor but also working in partnership with local organisations.

We use our local knowledge to provide a tailor-made service we are proud of. Whether you want a hands on practical experience (helping with research or local sustainability) or an inspiring experience in nature, we can arrange that.

Last but not least, we design our trips with the protection of the environment in mind: minimising environmental impacts; and supporting the sustainability of the local economy and conservation efforts. If that sound like the right way to travel, get in touch.

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